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Pastors and Staff

Nik Baumgart

Lead Pastor

Eli Angulo

Online Campus Director

Pam Couzin

H.R. Manager and Executive Assistant

Aaron Denn

Associate Pastor

Jesse Dinius

Youth Pastor

Joy Dinius

Worship Assistant

Jennifer Ervig

Connections Pastor

Curtis Harrel

Pastoral Care & Facilities Pastor

Dyan Hebaus

Grove Kids Lead

Teresa Kerr

Kitchen Lead

Adrian Loffer

Early Childhood Coordinator

Ryan Loffer

Executive Pastor

Krista Lukomskiy

Communications Admin and Cafe Lead

Tim Martin

Elementary Coordinator

Jon Rich

Business & Administration Pastor

Hunter Shaw

Worship Pastor

Evan Westerfield

Creative Director

Deacon Board

Todd Andrews

Board Member

Bonnie Hertzog

Board Member

Gary Kruick

Board Member

Andy Smith

Board Member

Jan Snyder

Board Member