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We are a fun church on a serious mission and we're glad you're ready to be a part of that.

The Grove Church started in 1932 making us 87 years old. In all that time, through all the pastors and name change, we've remained a church that desires to serve.

Today, we have four services that average an attendance estimated around 1500 people. That's an opportunity to serve love and grace to 1500 people every week.

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Take a few minutes to watch the video below and we will explain how to get connected.

Grove Culture

At The Grove Church, we are big on creating welcoming environments and here is how all of our teams play a part in that.


Already know where you already want to serve? Click one of the buttons below on the ministry of your choice and fill out the form. You will hear from a team lead within a week.

Not sure what ministry you want to be a part of? The video below will walk you through all the teams you can be a part of at The Grove Church.